Observations through Photovoice

I developed “Observations through Photovoice” for Introduction to Anthropology, a large, lecture-style introductory course (enrolling 65-200 students per semester). “Observations through Photovoice” is a semester-long, participatory assignment in which students experiment with photovoice, a contemporary, qualitative research method, while applying basic anthropological concepts. The UNF Digital Humanities Initiative (DHI) sponsors my “Observations through Photovoice” project and this affiliation has garnered opportunities to involve motivated UNF students in several presentation and publication efforts including presentations to the UNF Board of Trustees, at the UNF Digital Humanities Projects Showcase, the Humanities and Technology Camp at the University of Florida, and at the 2017 Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance Meeting in Orlando. Finally, a 2016 article in the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (with Dave Wilson, CIRT) utilizes UNF Introduction to Anthropology students’ photovoice images to illustrate the utility of this pedagogical strategy.